Local SEO Service Price List

AWC Local SEO is dedicated to helping your local businesses and agencies grow by connecting with and keeping your customers with less work and time. We provide the services and data you require to attract more customers and scale you business. SEO Plan cost is determined by the amount of competition in your area and the status of your website/GMB at the start.For more details please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your needs and objectives.

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Quality SEO Service Packages We Offer

Just as there are various options for servicing and cleaning your car or managing your finances, there are different approaches to Local SEO packages. With numerous SEO agencies offering options at varying service and price points, choosing the right one can be challenging. Some consultants provide standard solutions, while others offer customized services. Our SEO packages are designed based on the complexity and authority of your site, the competition you face, and the effort needed to make significant progress. At AWC Local SEO, we create personalized packages to fit your specific needs and budget.

Digital marketing is essential for businesses looking to improve their online presence, and comprehensive local SEO is a crucial part of this strategy. Local SEO agencies offer various local SEO plans, each with a different price range to fit your budget. A good local SEO strategy includes optimizing your Google Business Profile, link building, and targeting local search engine results pages to drive website traffic. When considering a budget for local SEO pricing, potential customers should expect to pay based on the complexity of their needs. Effective local search engine optimization can attract more potential customers and improve overall visibility. By investing in local SEO, businesses can significantly enhance their reach and ensure their information is easily found by people searching for their services.

Local SEO Package Price List


Blog – 2 Backlinks – 10
SM Posts – 2 GMB Post – 4


Blog – 4 Backlinks – 15
SM Posts – 4 GMB Post – 6


Blog – 6 Backlinks – 20
SM Posts – 6 GMB Post – 8


Blog – 6 Backlinks – 25
SM Posts – 6 GMB Post – 12

Why Choose AWC Local SEO Packages?

Transparent SEO Reporting and Regular Communication

With our fixed-price SEO packages, you get a detailed monthly report that shows what work we did and the results we got. We believe in being completely honest with our clients, so you’ll always know what you’re paying for. Besides monthly reports, our SEO plans include regular chats and updates with your own account manager. You can get help whenever you need it.

What Are Quality and Best Practice Local SEO Methods

We always play fair and safe when making your website better. We follow all the rules to keep your website secure. Our goal is to get lots of good visitors to your site and to see real, positive results.

  1. No Tricks, Just Safe Methods: We don’t use any sneaky or risky ways to improve your website. Everything we do is honest and follows the rules.

  2. Following the Rules: Our methods are safe and approved by experts. This means your website won’t get into trouble or be at risk of being blocked.

  3. Getting Good Visitors: We work hard to make sure your website gets visitors who are really interested in what you offer. These visitors are more likely to become your customers.

  4. High-Quality Content: Google likes websites that have helpful and high-quality information. We help your site provide the best content possible, which makes Google happy and helps your site rank higher in search results.

  5. Best Experience for Users: Our SEO plans focus on making your site easy to use and informative. When visitors have a great experience, they are more likely to return and recommend your site to others.

Industry standard and leading SEO Tools and software

At our company, we use the coolest and most advanced (and expensive) tools and technology every day. This helps us give you the best SEO packages with the latest and greatest information. We always make sure our tools are updated with the newest trends and algorithms so we can do our job well.

  1. Finding Keywords: We use special tools to find the best words and phrases that people are searching for online. This helps us know what to focus on to get your website noticed.

  2. Checking Out Competitors: Our tools let us see what other companies like yours are doing. This helps us make your website even better than theirs.

  3. Fixing Technical Issues: Sometimes websites have problems that make them hard to find or use. We use our tools to find and fix these issues so your website works smoothly.

  4. Creating Content: We use our tools to help us come up with ideas and create interesting and useful content for your website. This keeps people coming back to visit your site.

  5. Building Links: Links to and from other websites help people find your site and improve its ranking on search engines. We use our tools to build these links and make your website more popular.

By using the best and newest tools, we make sure your SEO packages are top-notch and your website gets the attention it deserves.

Our ROI-focused and Data-driven SEO Strategies

Different companies that offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services have different ways of doing things. Here’s how we do it:

We make sure that our SEO packages help you get the best return on the money you spend. Our monthly SEO services are designed to give you real results that will help your business make more money. We achieve this by making sure every decision and strategy we use is based on data and is tailored to meet your specific business goals.

  1. Understanding Your Business: First, we learn about your business and what you want to achieve. This helps us create a plan that fits your needs.
  2. Using Data: We use numbers and data to make smart decisions. This means looking at things like how many people visit your website and what they do when they get there.
  3. Creating a Strategy: Based on what we learn, we create a strategy. This might include things like finding the best keywords to help people find your website or improving your website’s content.
  4. Making Adjustments: SEO is not a one-time job. We constantly check the results and make adjustments to make sure you’re getting the best results.

By following these steps, we help your business grow and succeed online.

Local SEO Industries We Serve

  • E-commerce Website
  • SaaS Website
  • IT & Tech Website
  • Legal Website
  • Health & Wellness Website
  • Real Estate Website
  • Financial Services Website
  • Dental Website
  • Contractor Website
Our Most Asked Questions About Local SEO Services

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) focuses on optimizing your website and online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches on Google and other search engines.

Local SEO helps potential customers discover your business when they search for products or services like yours in their area, increasing your visibility and driving targeted traffic to your website.

Local SEO is cost-effective and targets potential customers who are actively looking for your products or services, resulting in higher conversion rates compared to traditional marketing methods.

We offer a range of services including local keyword research, Google My Business optimization, local citation building, online reputation management, and local content creation.

Nope! We work with clients all over the US. Our whole team works remotely, allowing us to find the absolute best team for our business.

The timeline for seeing results can vary depending on factors like competition, current website status, and the effectiveness of SEO strategies implemented. Generally, noticeable improvements can be seen within 3 to 6 months. But, SEO is not a set and forget process. To keep any gains in rankings you need to continue working each month to keep any gains we have achieved. 

Yes, local SEO is crucial even if you have a website. It ensures that your website ranks well for relevant local searches, helping you attract more local customers and grow your business.

We conduct thorough keyword research focusing on local search intent and competition analysis to identify relevant keywords that will drive qualified traffic to your website.

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to manage your business profile on Google, including your business name, address, phone number, and hours of operation. Optimizing your GMB profile is crucial for improving local search visibility and attracting local customers. We monitor and keep it updated as needed during the process. Google has a habit of changing information without notice and we need to keep adjusting with the correct information.

We measure the success of local SEO campaigns through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as increased website traffic, improved search engine rankings, higher conversion rates, and growth in online visibility and brand awareness.

Yes, we offer services to help you manage online reviews, encourage positive reviews from satisfied customers, and mitigate negative feedback to maintain a positive online reputation.

We have over 20 years of experience specializing in local SEO, a dedicated team of SEO experts, a proven track record of delivering results, and a commitment to personalized service and client satisfaction. Most of our clients have been with us for over 5 years.

Local citations are mentions of your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) on other websites and online directories. They are important for improving local search rankings and establishing trust and authority for your business.

Yes, we optimize website content with locally targeted keywords, location-specific landing pages, and relevant local information to improve search engine visibility and attract local customers.

Yes, we specialize in local SEO strategies for businesses with multiple locations or franchises. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs and challenges of each location while maintaining consistency across all locations.

Getting started is easy! Contact us for a consultation where we'll discuss your business goals, assess your current online presence, and recommend a personalized local SEO strategy to help you achieve success.