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Transparency Matters

We Believe Transparency Matters

AWC SEO does nothing black hat. Every step of our process is open and above board. We want our clients to know just what we do, and why we do it. We have tried and test every tool on the market that is available to get the best results for Local SEO clients. What it takes to rank above your competition is no secret or hochus pocus.

What it does take is a lot of work, research, and performance testing over a set time frame and lots of results tracking. This can’t be done without the right tools and reporting software.

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Local Ranking Factors

Website Speed

Google PageSpeed Insights

One of the foremost ranking factors in Google for Local SEO is speed. Google even provides us a website called PageSpeed Insights to test how fast your website is, and shows any other issues they find that would hinder how well you rank. One of the first things we do is test your website to see how Google see it, and what issues they see with it. If you don’t have a website, we will build you a landing page website at no extra charge to give Google a point of reference for your business on-line presents.

The performance score must be 75, or higher to meet our requirements. We use several premium plugins to achieve this goal, to make sure this phase is on target before moving forward. Google wants your website to have a great user experience. As a bonus, your own users will have a faster loading, quicker, responsive experience on your website.

We use the following fully licensed PRO plugins to achieve this task.

Hummingbird Pro* : Website Optimization = $149/Value

  • Browser caching
  • Minify .css & .js files
  • Combine files
  • Advanced asset optimization
  • Defer/inline assets
  • Prefetch/preconnect options
  • Full-page caching
  • Google font optimization
  • 45-point WPMU DEV CDN

Smush Pro* : Image Optimization = $89/Value

  • Bulk compress unlimited images
  • Lazy Loading for all images
  • Serve local WebP images
  • Image resize detection
  • Lossy compression
  • PNG to lossy JPEG conversion
  • WebP file conversion
  • Perfect-fit auto image resize
  • Global Image CDN Hosting
  • Super Smush – 2x image compression

Website Code Markup

Google sends out bots to index and save information for websites on the internet. It then saves the website information and guesses on the topic of what the website is about. Then, when someone searches for the topic, Google decides what website is related to that search and shows it in the search results. But what if Google doesn’t understand what your website is about?

But, what if Google can’t determine the name of the business, or address from what it fines on the website? How does it know your a Doctor  in Dallas, Tx and should show your website in search results for ” Doctors in Dallas, Texas near me”? We we have the answer. There is code we add to the website, hidden from normal users view. This code is called Schema Markup, and Google looks for it. This code tells Google very exact information about the website. Things such as:

  • Company Name
  • Type of Business
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Company Description
  • Price Range
  • Geo Map Coordinates
  • FAQ Pages
  • Services Offered
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Contact Information
  • Plus many more options
SiteIndex Map
We also add a special file to your website called a siteindex map. This special file has your website complete file structure laid out in a format Google, Bing, and others, understand. They know where every page of your website is. So Google reads this file, and knows you have 32 webpages, but have only indexed 16 of them. So it sends out the bot next time to index the pages it missed. Then reads the file again, and sees you now have 42 pages. Then repeats the process. This was every page gets indexed asap for ranking. We even “ping” the search engines as soon as a new page is added so it knows right away to come index it asap.
Webpage Structure
Every part of a webpage has a “structure format”  it needs to follow to be within Google’s guidelines. Page headings have a certain code they should be labeled with. Followed by sub headings, followed by paragraph text, etc etc. Our software scans every page of your website looking for code errors in this structure format. We then correct these errors 1 by 1 till we have a perfect structure. We also look for images with missing or wrong “alt text” code. This is how page readers for the blind, for instance, know what the image is on your webpage. Again, to follow Googles guidelines for a “Perfectly” coded website.
On-site SEO
What many people do not know is that Google does not rank a “website”, it ranks each page. So our software scans each webpage on your website for it’s meaningfulness for a given search term. Is the page title to short or to long? Is the page content  long enough? Is the context on target with the meaning of the page? Is it easy to read and understandable? Our software analyzes over 40 aspects on each and every page and shows us what needs to be fixed.
We use the following fully licensed PRO plugins and software to achieve this task.

SmartCrawl Pro*= $89 Value

  •  SEO health checkups and reports
  • Social media with OpenGraph
  • In-depth SEO content analysis scans
  • Robots.txt Editor
  • Support for 150+ schema types
  • Sitemap auto-generator
  • Search engine notifications
  • Titles and meta description auditor
  • Content analysis
  • Google Lighthouse Audits

Schema Pro* = $249 Value

  •  Advanced Schema Types
  • Live Schema Testing
  •  Advanced Local Business Schema Types
  •  Article Guidelines Audits
  • Covers Missing Options in SmartCrawl

Bright Local* = $379/Value

  • Monthly Local SEO Audits

*Full Pro License is active while under our services for free

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